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System requirements

The minimum requirements to allow you to access the online books are:

  • an Internet connection and web browser
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Note: Other third party PDF viewers may also work. However, we do not support these viewers. Online books are optimised for use on a large screen. You can also view the online books using most mobile devices such as an iPad/iPhone or Android device. However the experience may differ slightly. Mobile specific help is available when viewing books from your mobile device.

How to use this online book

You can change how the book displays on your screen (make the text appear larger or smaller) and perform searches. Instructions for PC/Windows and Mac follow.

Note: There are many versions of the software (both Acrobat reader and operating system eg. Windows 7, Windows 8 and MAC OSX) and we are unable to document the steps for all combinations of software. We have included the instructions for the most common setups.

How do I make the text bigger or smaller?

You can zoom in or out until the text is a comfortable size for you on your screen. To zoom:


  1. Press and hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard and then move the mouse wheel, or alternatively press Ctrl and + to zoom in, and Ctrl and – to zoom out.
    The text enlarges and reduces depending on the direction you move the wheel.
    Note: This shortcut works in other software too, including Internet Explorer and Microsoft Word.
  2. Remove your hands from the keyboard and mouse when you are happy with the text size.


Press ⌘ and + to zoom in, and ⌘ and – to zoom out.

How do I resize the table of contents panel?

The table of contents panel may only display on Microsoft Window systems with the official Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.

You can make the panel containing the table of contents wider or narrower. This affects wrapping of text within the table of contents and gives more or less screen space to the body of the book. The "correct" setting depends on your screen and personal preferences.

To resize the table of contents:

  1. Move the mouse over the thickest part of the border between the table of contents and the content areas.
    The cursor changes to a double-headed arrow.
  2. Click and drag the border to the left or right to alter the size of the table of contents pane and release the mouse when finished.

How do I search the online book?

Search icon

Click the search icon to display search options, select the search options you want to use, enter your search term and click the Search button.

Other features

The following features may not be available unless you are using Adobe Acrobat.

Pages icon Displays thumbnails of the book's pages. Click on a thumbnail to view the corresponding content.
Bookmark icon Displays the table of contents. Click on a heading to view the corresponding content.


This information is correct as at February 2013. The Institute does not control content on any of the third party websites referenced and therefore we cannot guarantee the links or information will remain accurate and relevant. To report any errors or omissions in the above instructions, please contact


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